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Designs you can feel confident about sharing.

We know why you're here

We will save the back story and  just give you the details that matter.  Designs x TJ is a digital design studio dedicated to helping people just like you.  Yep, it's that simple, no gimmicks, no tricks, only the desire to create designs you can feel confident about sharing. Whether you are planning an event, launching a business, rebranding or just want to get the word out, we've got you covered.

Custom Business Card Design
Custom Business Card Design
Custom Business Card Design
Custom Flyer Design
Custom Flyer Design

Initial Contact

The moment you take the first step to connect, whether that's by text, email, phone, dm, or pigeon.. (ok maybe not by pigeon) but the point is we connect and the fun begins. 

The amount of time it takes to go through this process varies on project size. Smaller, less involved projects, may float through this in an hour. Larger, more intricate projects, may span over days.  It all varies, pssst.. the discovery + kick off calls help determine the project time frame.


It's quite the list - not everyone is shown below, it's always growing and changinghonestly the only thing missing is you...

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What are you waiting for ?
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