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Please DO NOT hesitate to contact TJ directly should you have specific questions you don't see answered below. 

Payment Methods

We accept payment via cash, mobile banking, ACH transfers, and all major credit cards.

Depending on the project type you may not receive an official quote prior to payment, for example if you request a one off flyer the flat rate is always the same $25 and is always due in full  . This project typically does not require a quote to breakdown or explain the fee and project working timeframe. In this case you would only receive an invoice showing proof of payment once payment has been received. In other cases you may receive a quote that lists out the details of your project and all the terms and conditions of the services provided. A quote can be used to submit deposit payment where applicable . An invoice showing proof of payment will be sent out after the project is completed. You will also receive receipts for each payment ( deposit and balance) 


ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Should a project be terminated due to dissatisfaction any additional funds beyond the deposit will be refunded per terms agreed upon between TJ and the client. 

 Pricing Hold

All quotes provide a pricing hold time frame. This can typically be found at the top right corner of the quote in a box  labeled " Valid Until". This date identifies the timeframe in which the determined project pricing is honored. Should a client decided to start a project outside the honored pricing window, pricing is subject to change. 

Payment Structure 

All projects are priced as a one time service. Annual billing is no longer offered. Each project has a distinct working timeframe with clear manageable objectives. Once the project is considered complete and the balance has been paid in full any additional work is subject to a new fee, unless other terms were laid out and agreed upon prior to the start of the project between TJ and the client. 

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