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Please DO NOT hesitate to contact us directly should you have specific questions regarding your project. 

What is a Digital Design Studio ?

To put it plainly, we work remote.  Our remote approach gives us the advantage of being flexible in the projects we take on. We've had the pleasure of working on projects sourced all over the country from Seattle, to the Midwest, to New Jersey, all the way down to the great state of Texas. The best way to figure out if we can work with you is to contact us today and find out more for yourself !

Payment Methods

We accept payment via Mobile Banking, ACH transfers, and all Major Credit Cards ( Credit Card payments are assessed a 5% processing fee.).


ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Should a project be cancelled prior to completion any additional funds paid beyond the deposit are subject to be refunded at the discretion of Designs x TJ. If you have questions contact us directly for information relevant to your project.

 Pricing Hold

All quotes provide a pricing hold time frame. This can typically be found at the top right corner of the quote in a box  labeled "Valid Until". This date identifies the timeframe in which the determined project pricing is honored. Once this timeframe expires, the quote is no longer valid and pricing is subject to change at the discretion of Designs x TJ. If you have questions regarding your quote pricing, please contact us directly.

Payment Structure 

Each project has a distinct working timeframe with clear manageable objectives. Once the project is considered complete and the balance has been paid in full any additional work is subject to a new fee, unless otherwise determined during the quoting phase. 

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